Unique 2 in 1 design: Automated GMP compliant [11C]acetate and [18F]fluoride synthesizer

In response to the recognized need of the nuclear medical community, ITD has developed an innovative and fully GMP compliant module capable for [11C]acetate and [18F]fluoride synthesis using the same hardware platform. The automated module consists of four main components:

  • fluid processing module,
  • disposable sterile kit,
  • industrial-standard control-unit, and
  • computer based user interface.

The irradiated target materials and the products are coming in contact only with the sterile, single use parts of the kits, thus cross-contamination is excluded by design. The type of synthesis (e.g. acetate or fluoride) is software selectable; moreover, the module can recognize which kit has been installed on it and will prevent running the inappropriate procedure for the given kit. 

  • [11C]acetate synthesis
  • [18F]fluoride synthesis


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