Small scale production facility for I-131 sodium iodide solution

ITD develops and manufactures the technology and equipment for safe production of [131I]sodium iodide solution.

Our equipment for [131I]iodine production enables the safe, reliable and quickly repeatable production of up to 740 GBq of [131I]iodine (20 Ci) and the accompanying tellurium target activity per batch and production box. Several production runs can be carried out per day. The capacity amounts to 150-180 g of irradiated tellurium dioxide per batch within ~ 1.5 to 2 h. The equipment for the safe [131I]iodine production is used for the release of [131I]iodine from neutron-irradiated tellurium dioxide in a quartz furnace by a dry distillation process, the separation of airborne dust and tellurium dioxide by an electrically heated separator and the highly efficient absorption of [131I]iodine in weakly alkaline, aqueous buffer solution contained in a two partite, high-efficient winding absorber. The obtained [131I]sodium iodide solution is suitable to prepare a non-sterile [131I]sodium iodide solution for oral nuclear medical application or for different [131I]iodine labeling procedures in nuclear medicine. 

  • General facility layout
  • General process description
  • Large scale production facility for I-131 sodium iodide solution


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